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ISIS created 'rift' among Iraqi components: Halbousi

halbousi visit
Parliament Speaker Mohamed al-Halbousi said that ISIS terrorist group created a "rift" among the Iraqi components of Nineveh and that the Yazidis had suffered genocide and injustice at the time.

The parliament will seek to resolve all security problems in Sinjar, and will work to restore harmony and coexistence among all its components, Halbousi said, during a meeting with Yazidi tribal leaders.

Halbousi in March stressed the need to benefit from the expertise and competence of people of the Iraqi minority communities, and to work on granting them state posts.

This came during a meeting with a delegation of Iraqi minorities in the US including representatives of Yazidis, Christians and Mandaeans.

"Iraq is characterized by the diversity of its original components, and the Iraqi government is keen on [making] Iraq [a place] for all Iraqis of all components," Halbousi said, adding that the parliament will work to legislate laws guaranteeing the rights of minorities.

"We are working seriously and quickly to rehabilitate the areas of the sons of Iraq… close the file of displacement forever, provide them with decent life and getting them away of the political problems," Halbousi added.
Last Modified: Wednesday، 01 May 2019 02:05 AM