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Over 50 Iraqi authorities involved in oil smuggling


Calls for investigating the corruption within the Oil Ministry have recently increased in the wake of squandering the public money.

Corruption within the ministry has reached levels that threatens the Iraqi economy.


This was clearly explained by MP Youssef al-Kalabi who urged the Prime Minister Adil Abd al-Mahdi to take strict measures to stop the corruption and wasting of public money in the ministry.

Kalabi addressed Abd al-Mahdi saying “the corruption and squandering of public money in the ministry cannot be unaddressed.” He indicated completing the questioning of oil minister in the parliament.”

The integrity committee was not the only one that hinted to that issue, but also the parliament’s monitoring committee, which watched implementation of the government’s program. It confirmed that Abd al-Mahdi’s government failed to achieve the biggest part of its program, especially the part on the corruption in oil ministry and limiting the oil smuggling.

The oil smuggling takes place continuously via air and sea through the border exits without action by the government.

Al-Nasr alliance, led by the former Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi, confirmed that Abdul Mahdi’s government remained away from strict measures in the pivotal issues, especially in controlling the border exits and smuggling of oil.

MP Fallah Abdul-Karim, from the same alliance, said in remarks that the current phase requires that Abd al-Mahdi takes strict measures and stay away from pressures by the political blocs.

In this regard, informed sources said official US authorities offered Iraq by end of March a report on oil smuggling, at which 56 Iraqi authorities were involved, with estimated sums of around $4 billion.

Sources said that the US officials provided the previous government of Abadi and current government with detailed information on the smuggling of oil and authorities involved.

Ten authorities, currently at the government, are involved in the smuggling through senior officials.

Moreover, the information showed that 40 armed authorities take part in the smuggling, and that they fund their activities with million of US dollars from revenues of the smuggling.

Those armed authorities carry out the smuggling through the southern and western borders and send it toward the United Arab Emirates, while the northern borders are used by Kurdish authorities to smuggle oil from the wells in Kirkuk and Kurdistan toward Iran.


Last Modified: Tuesday، 30 April 2019 11:01 PM