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Saairun cedes security adviser seeking central bank head post: Source

Falih Fayyad

An informed source has said that Saairun Alliance offered the political blocs an option to choose between two positions including the national security adviser and the central bank governor.

“Saairun started negotiations to get one of the two positions. However, it expressed readiness to cede the post of the national security adviser to get the central bank governor post,” the source said.

“There has been an agreement that the current national security adviser Falih al-Fayyad attends all the cabinet meetings as a security adviser to the prime minister without the right to vote on decisions,” he added.

Meanwhile, Aysar al-Jadri, member of Hikmah movement’s general conference, said the movement “will not get into negotiations with Saairun or any other party on distributing the positions.”

He went on saying that the current situation “gets us out of the change and reform of the institutions. This creates a wide gap.”

The source, however, added that Saairun “proposed that Hakim al-Zamli becomes the national security adviser.”

Commenting on the Saairun negotiations, Mohamed Karim al-Baldawi, of Fatah Alliance, said the issue that Saairun cedes the position of the national security adviser to get the central bank governor position is not proposed officially.


However, it could be proposed out of political negotiations between blocs and alliances.”

Last Modified: Tuesday، 30 April 2019 11:59 AM