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Migration min. urges donors to back Iraq's stability, end displacement


Iraq's Minister of Migration and Displaced Nawfal Mousa called on donor states and international organizations to support stability and end the displacement issue in the country, in order for the Iraqi experience to be a model for other countries that are willing to benefit from it.

He also urged the displaced citizens to return to their cities during his speech in a conference held with the participation of international and local organizations and NGOs.

"Despite the lack of financial allocations suffered by the ministry for years, it has mobilized all its potentials and cadres to control the big crisis of displacement in the country," Mousa said. He added that more than five million people were displaced.

The ministry has provided all the relief needs of displaced families, Mousa said, adding that it has also established many camps to accommodate these families.

Last Modified: Tuesday، 30 April 2019 12:56 AM