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UAE backs Bahrain against Iraq over Sadr's 'objectionable' tweet

The United Arab Emirates said Sunday that it was following with great concern the statements Iraq issued earlier against the Bahraini leadership, reported Bahrain’s news agency (BNA).

"The interference in the internal affairs of Bahrain and any contempt or breach of the noble status of its leadership is objectionable meddling that can never be accepted," said UAE’s foreign ministry in a statement.

The ministry reiterated that "any failure in containing the abuse in relations between sisterly countries will only lead to widening the gap and heightening tension in a time we are in a dire need for cooperation and for respecting national sovereignty and adhering to the principle of non-intervention."

"Within this context, we are urging our brothers in the sisterly country of Iraq to commit to the principles of respect for sovereignty and non-intervention in order to strengthen Arab links and contribute to deepening stability in the region," added the statement.

Leader of the Sadrist Movement Muqtada al-Sadr, in a recent tweet, called on a number of Arab rulers, including Bahrain, to step down from power.

“A statement issued by Muqtada al-Sadr represents an unacceptable offense against the Kingdom of Bahrain and its leadership. It is a blatant interference in the affairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain, a clear violation of the principles of international law and constitutes an abuse of the nature of relations between the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Republic of Iraq,” a statement from the foreign ministry read.

Iraq's response

On the other hand, Iraq’s Foreign Ministry has slammed the Bahraini foreign minister’s remarks, considering them as "offense" to the prominent Shia cleric. Iraq also demanded an official apology.

Bahraini Foreign Minister Khaled Al Khalifa on Saturday criticized the Shia cleric, saying that Iraq was subject to the Iranian control.

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry said the top Bahraini diplomat’s tweet was “totally unacceptable in diplomatic traditions”.

The remarks were deemed “insulting to Iraq and its sovereignty and independence,” the ministry said in a statement.

Diplomatic response

Bahrain consequently decided to summon the deputy charge d’affaires of the embassy of Iraq to denounce the recent statement of Sadr.
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