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ISIS leader Baghdadi attempts to enter Iraq


Top ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has attempted to enter Iraq from neighboring Syria in the past few weeks, but has so far failed to do so due to strict security measures at the borders, said an Iraqi intelligence officer on Saturday.

"Al-Baghdadi has been trying to enter Iraq for weeks, but he could not due to the strict security measures applied on the Iraqi-Syrian border," the officer said in remarks.

He claimed that Baghdadi is currently hiding in Jabal Abu Rajmin with some of his supporters in the Syrian city of Palmyra.


Baghdadi has many times been declared killed or wounded but none of the reports were ever confirmed.

However, ISIS has lost all its territories in both Iraq and Syria, while the group's sleeper cells are still active in most parts of the two neighboring countries.

Last Modified: Sunday، 28 April 2019 02:54 PM