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Iraq able to defeat, prevent return of ISIS: Zamili

Hakim al-Zamili

Iraq’s military forces are able to defeat ISIS and prevent its return, Hakim al-Zamili, a Sadrist Movement leader, said on Saturday, adding that countries and groups aiding terrorists must be held accountable.

In his speech at the 8th International Security Conference held in Moscow at the invitation of the Russian Ministry of Defense and in the presence of more than 35 defense ministers from around the world, Zamili pointed to "the impossibility of ISIS returning to Iraq again."

However, Zamili warned of the danger that ISIS poses to the security and stability of the world, noting that it is "a creation of global intelligence agencies to implement predefined agendas for the purpose of striking any target that conflicts with the interests of those agencies."

Zamili called on all countries around the world to renounce extremism and follow the movements of terrorists in order to hold accountable the countries and groups that help terrorist cells. He also called for "the need to prevent the recruitment, promotion or arming of members of this deviant organization."