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Iraq investigates coalition's 'friendly fire' incident killing officer

Iraqi Federal Police officers use smoke as concealment as they clear rooms during their final training exercise prior to graduation at the Besmaya Range Complex, Iraq, March 26, 2019. Image: US Army/Spc. Brandon Best
The Joint Operations Command declared forming an investigative committee to disclose the circumstances of a friendly fire incident caused by the US-led anti-ISIS Coalition in Kirkuk.

A strike by the coalition's fighter jets against a security spot in the disputed province of Kirkuk have caused the death of a member of the Iraqi Federal Police and the injury of two others.

“On April 24, one Iraqi Federal Police member was reportedly killed and 2 others were wounded by Coalition Forces supporting Iraqi Security Force counter-ISIS operations near al-Dib, Iraq,” The Jerusalem Post reported quoting a coalition spokesperson on Friday.

“Wounded are in stable condition and receiving medical care. The incident is under investigation,” the spokesperson added.
Last Modified: Saturday، 27 April 2019 12:39 AM