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IOM presents approach to address trafficking in persons in Iraq


The International Organization for Migration (IOM) said it has adopted an innovative approach that IOM recently introduced is mainstreaming of the community policing approach to investigate cases of trafficking in persons (TiP). 


IOM has supported the Government of Iraq, including the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), to establish Community Policing Forums (CPF), which are inclusive groups of diverse community members and community police officers where security-related concerns, including TiP, are discussed in a safe environment, IOM wrote on its official website.


IOM has launched a set of trainings and seminars for 60 Iraqi investigative judges and law enforcement officers in Erbil and Baghdad to train them on mainstreaming community policing principles into the investigation of TiP cases. 



In the aftermath of the ISIS crisis, the Iraqi government is dealing with a myriad of post-conflict challenges to rebuild the country, including creating economic opportunities, delivering social services, mending the social fabric in communities, and ensuring laws are enforced for the safety and security for all the country’s inhabitants, just to name a few.


Conditions of conflict are fertile grounds for crimes related to trafficking in persons (TiP), including sexual exploitation and forced labor, the enslavement of women and girls by members of armed groups and the use of trafficked children as soldiers and street beggars.

IOM Iraq was instrumental in supporting the Government of Iraq with the development of the national counter-trafficking law in 2012.

Now that the conflict has subsided, it is critical that State structures are empowered to take on this growing transnational crime.

Last Modified: Saturday، 27 April 2019 12:59 AM