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Sadr says alleged protestors ask 'corrupt gov't' for jobs

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It has been a week since leader of the Sadrist movement Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, has been diagnosing the problems that have spread across the country, summarizing his conclusions in Tweets.

A tweet he recently published has raised doubts about continuing his support to Saairun Alliance.

For the first time since Adil Abd al-Mandi took office as the country's prime minister in October last, succeeding Haidar al-Abadi, Sadr cited the term "corrupt government" in one of his tweets.

"Some protest in Tahrir (Liberation) Square (in central Baghdad) in the morning, and sit with the corrupt at night, [They] demand to drop them (the corrupt) and then contact the corrupt to get a job from the corrupt government …" Sadr said, adding that he does not want to talk more about this point.

Sadr's announcement came hours after local media circulated an official letter referring to the issuance of an order by the prime minister to appoint a member of Saairun Alliance and former head of the Dhi Qar provincial council Hameed al-Ghazi as secretary-general of the cabinet.



Sadr earlier warned against the consequences of bribery in Iraq, saying that it "destroys the state, the law, the government institutions, the civil society organizations, and is a Ba'athist method that many of the Iraqi people got used to."

Saairun Alliance said the reform initiative launched by Sadr earlier will put an end to the corrupt officials who squandered the public money and looted the country's resources.

Sadr has urges members of his bloc, including ministers and other officials to follow the procedures of the Anti-Corruption Supreme Council, warning that those who fail to do so will be held accountable.

Sadr also called on Abd al-Mahdi to follow up on this issue, as he is also the head of the Anti-Corruption Council, urging him to stick to objectivity, transparency and full accuracy in dealing with this matter.


Last Modified: Friday، 26 April 2019 01:39 AM