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Kirkuk prepared for 2020 provincial elections: Hetawi

Peshmerga statue which was added to the city of Kirkuk in 2017, three years after the Kurdish forces defended the city from the Islamic State (IS). (Photo: Reuters)

Head of the Board of Commissioners of the Independent High Electoral Commission Maan al-Hetawi said Thursday that the disputed province of Kirkuk is currently ready for the upcoming provincial elections.

Hetawi called on the dwellers of the province to register in the database of the electorate.

The federal government is set to hold provincial council elections in 2020.

Hetawi and other members earlier referred to the latest preparations for the upcoming provincial election, saying that they have launched a campaign for this purpose.

Updating the biometric data of voters and handing them electronic cards were on top of these preparations, as well as setting time to hold the next provincial election, the statement read.

This meeting comes as part of visits and meetings carried out by the board of commissioners with social actors, clerics and all state institutions. It also seeks communicating with the Iraqi society components, in preparation for the upcoming election.


Last Modified: Friday، 26 April 2019 12:08 AM