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Parliament says ISIS could attack Iraq through borders with Syria

Iraq-Syria border

The Iraqi parliament’s Security and Defense Committee has warned of the dangerous situation at the borders with Syria, indicating that ISIS members might try to conduct attacks in Iraq.

During a press conference, committee member Abbas al-Ismaili confirmed that terrorist groups plan to take advantage of border areas that lack strong security "to coordinate attacks on Iraqi territory and create a state of chaos.”

Meanwhile, the Iraqi government announced working on a new plan to beef up security and protect its border with Syria to keep terrorists from crossing over.

In remarks, Maj. Gen. Yahya Rassoul, spokesman for the government-linked Iraqi Security Media Center, said, “the border with Syria is secured and controlled by the Iraqi army, the border police and the IMIS.”

He added, “Technology was included in the process of monitoring the border and securing it through setting up surveillance cameras and [using drones]. The army’s aviation team runs scanning operations to clear the area. Tunnels and earth barriers are also set. Arms have been distributed and the efforts of watch towers have been reinforced.”

Last Modified: Thursday، 25 April 2019 02:11 PM