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BCIJ arrests new suspect in Dakhla connected to sale terror cell

Morocco’s Central Bureau of Judicial Investigation (BCIJ) said it has arrested another suspect in Dakhla, southern Morocco, for his connection with a terror cell dismantled earlier in the day in Sale, Rabat’s twin city.

The BCIJ said that the arrest was made in coordination with security services in the city.

The Sale cell included six members who had allegedly pledged allegiance to ISIS and were plotting terror attacks across Morocco.

Investigations are still ongoing to identify new possible suspects connected to the dismantled cell.

The members of the terror cell BCIJ dismantled today are aged 22 and 28.

BCIJ’s first statement today about the arrest said that the suspects used to gather in a mosque in Sale to plan terror attacks in Morocco.

The suspects, according to the statement, also tried to learn how to manufacture explosive devices with the aim of using them in terror attacks. Police seized several knives and mobile phones as well as books promoting extremist ideology.