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Experts from NATO and Iraq meet to share expertise

Experts from the Defense Education Enhancement Program (DEEP) at NATO and from professional military education institutions of allied countries have conducted a week-long visit to Iraq’s Defense University for Military Studies in Baghdad.

The visit, according to the alliance, was in support of a NATO mission and commitment to help further development of Iraqi professional military education institutions, as part of its broader efforts on the reform of national security structures.

These experts met with representatives of the Iraqi Ministry of Defense Training Directorate, the leadership of the Defense University for Military Studies, and staff from the National Defense College, the War College, the Defense Language Institute, the Staff College, the Command College, the Military College, and the Center for Strategic Studies and Research.

A statement by the alliance said, “The initial phase of the Defense Education Enhancement Program for Iraq will be focused on three institutions under the umbrella of the Defense University for Military Studies, namely the War College, the National Defense College, and the Defense Language Institute.”

“With them, the team of experts discussed plans on the development of academic curricula and the development of instructors and institutional capabilities,” the statement added.

Furthermore, they will also complete an assessment report and take further steps in close cooperation with the Defense University’s leadership.

“The Defense Education Enhancement Program for Iraq is foreseen to be implemented in the course of 2019-2021.”