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PICS: Floods uncover body of Iraqi soldier died during war with Iran


Recent floods that swept through Iraq's southern provinces could uncover the remains of an Iraqi soldier who was considered missing during the 8-year Iran-Iraq war.

The remains of Abdul Amir Al-Gharibawi were found by a farmer in Maysan city, a security official said.


The remains of Gharibawi who was lost in 1982 during the Iran-Iraq war was handed to the local police in the province, the source added.

The Iraqi Human Commission for Human Rights announced in mid-2018 receiving the remains of 127 soldiers who died during the Iran-Iraq war, noting that the teams are still searching for more remains of the missing soldiers.


Iraq and Iran fought an eight-year war (1980-1988) that left hundreds of thousands of victims from both sides.

Last Modified: Wednesday، 24 April 2019 01:28 AM