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Brian Hook: Countries can either work with US or Iran, but not both

Brian Hook
The United States has denied the Iranian regime over $10 billion in revenue and expect that number to increase dramatically, US Special Representative for Iran Brian Hook told Al Arabiya after Washington declared it would start ending waivers to Tehran’s oil customers.
Hook also said that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates share a lot of the United States’ national security goals when it comes to Iran.
“Saudi Arabia has been very helpful, increasing its production as it did many months ago in order to offset the loss of Iranian crude, and they’ll continue to be helpful,” Hook said.
Hook also said that efforts regarding the sanctions were aimed at drying up Hezbollah’s funding from Iran.
“What we are doing is making it harder for Hezbollah to meet payroll, because 70% of Hezbollah’s revenue comes from the Iranian regime. Historically Iran gives Hezbollah $700 million a year, that’s 70% of their budget.
The United States said on Monday it would start imposing sanctions on allies such as India that buy Iranian oil, in its latest aggressive step to counter Tehran.
Other countries that will be affected include China and Turkey, opening up new friction in contentious relationships if the United States goes ahead with sanctions against buying Iranian oil.