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Kurds call for united electoral list in local Iraqi elections in Kirkuk


Kurdish residents and parties in Kikuk have called for unity in the upcoming provincial elections as a means to secure top local posts, according to news reports.

“We think two important things need to be done in Kirkuk,” Shakhawan Abdullah, a former Kurdish lawmaker of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) in the Iraqi Parliament, said in remarks on Friday.

“First, the situation in Kirkuk should be normalized, security and military-wise,” he said. ”Second, Kurdish parties should unite in the provincial elections by having one electoral list in Kirkuk.”

Meanwhile, Jwan Hassan, a Kurdish member of the KPC from the Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU) party, warned that Kurds will be the big loser in Kirkuk should they fail to participate in the upcoming election under one united electoral list.

“If we fail to unite in the elections, we will lose thousands of votes and will eventually decrease the number of seats we can secure in the KPC,” Hassan said.

Last Modified: Saturday، 20 April 2019 07:50 PM