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Iranian-funded terror cell dismantled in central Africa

rouhani khamenei

A terror cell in central Africa that was backed by Iran for the purpose of launching attacks and spreading its anti-Western ideology was dismantled this week, i24NEWS reported on Friday.

According to the report, Iran “was behind the recruitment and training of men between the ages of 25-35,  several already belonging to a designated terror group operating out of the region known as Seneka, to commit terror attacks against Westerners residing in the continent.”


“We want to create an army to fight against Westerners in Africa,” the head of the central African cell, Ismael Djida said in press statements.

Iran has paid the leader of Seneka more than $100,000 to recruit terrorists and launch attacks that would undermine relations of African countries with Israel.

“The cell was arrested in Chad, a country in which had been visited by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu earlier this year,” the report said.

The two countries have only recently announced the restoration of full diplomatic ties, almost 50 years after the African country cut off relations due to political pressure.

Last Modified: Saturday، 20 April 2019 01:04 AM