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Militia fake employment offices operate freely in Iraq

Under article 56 of the Iraqi law on fraud and embezzlement, some fake offices owned by certain supported militias have spread across Iraq with claims that they prepare unemployed youths for employment at government administrations for large sums of money.

The Fate Organization for Human Trafficking Combat (FHTCO) has revealed that during 2018 and 2019, 90 percent of 360 employment and recruitment offices were found to be unlicensed or authorized to operate.

The spokesman for the Iraqi Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Ammar Menem, said these offices are scamming young people, pointing out that an official complaint, no. 10570, was submitted to security authorities to demand shutting down 24 companies, while trying 14 others.

Such companies get sums of money that reach 500,000 Iraqi Dinar in exchange for promises to employ them inside and outside Iraq.

Lawyer Sufian Hussein Ali said in press remarks that these offices are also involved in human trafficking of non-Iraqi nationalities as well, and despite that such companies are supposed to be under the supervision of the interior and labor ministries, sources affirmed to The Baghdad Post that these offices, especially in Baghdad, operate freely and that security campaigns only affected few offices.