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Sadr says corruption in Iraq ‘clearer than sun in sky’


The Sadrist Movement Leader Muqtada al-Sadr has expressed intentions to declare a new reform approach to repair the issues prevailing among people without the need to use weapons.

Sadr described the corruption among Iraqi politicians as being “clearer than the sun in the sky.”

In a tweet, Sadr laid the responsibility of corruption on the people as well as the politicians and officials.

He addressed the people saying “If you are good, then the government is good too. If you chose them through elections and the democratic methods, they will be good.”

Moreover, Sadr stressed that people should not avoid its responsibilities or deny mistakes even if they supported the corrupt figures.

Sadr also indicated that he tried to reform himself through isolation and worshiping, then he reforming those close to his then public reform on the political level through protests and speeches. “Today I’m determined to try a new reform, which is reforming the wrong issues among people without using weapons or depending on people.”

Last Modified: Tuesday، 16 April 2019 02:35 PM