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Iran’s rule of Islamic jurist seeks benefits amid damages caused by floods

Iran floods

As weeks have passed since the sweeping floods that hit dozens of Iranian regions, members of Pro-Iranian regime militias appeared on the local scene, not to help the affected people but to politically show off and make profits of the disaster.

A report by the London-based Farsi-speaking Kayhan newspaper described  governmental authorities and Iranian militias taking advantages from the floods disaster despite the misery in at least 25 provinces.

The report added that the rule of the Islamic jurist looks for its own political and economic benefits, despite the damages resulting from the floods. Meanwhile, lies about the enemy are still being made to deviate the public from the reluctance and failure to limit the negative consequences.

Local Iranian media channels, with JameJam on top, mentioned news about the recent floods from the perspective of the eight-year war against Iraq (1981- 1988). Such methods, according to Kayhan, mean the institutions of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei failed to gain support of people in the floods crisis, especially in light of lack of confidence that resulted in verbal wrangles between some Iranian generals while inspecting the deteriorated regions.

While the harmed people attacked each of Mohsen Rizai (former IRGC leader) and Mohamed Reza Naqdi (deputy IRGC leader for cultural affairs) as they were inspecting the damaged areas, IRGC made advantage of the incidents through the media perspective.

Many Iranians expressed rejection through social media against presence of the Iraqi militias known as Iran Militia in Iraq and Syria (IMIS), the Afghan Fatemiyoun brigade and Lebanon’s Hezbollah, which show off in the regions affected by floods.

The report concluded saying that the main target behind the rule of Islamic jurist for using those militias is to beautify its terrorist image as well as to mobilize them in case of eruption of angry protests.

In related context, the Iranian extremist cleric Moussa Ghazanfar Abadi recently warned that members of the Houthi militias in Yemen, IMIS in Iraq, Fatimiyoun and Zainabiyoun are ready to get into the heart of Iran to defend the revolution. This was regarded as a threat from Tehran to the protesters.

Three mass rallies were recently held in Iranian cities of Tehran, Qom and Mashhad, which were attended by number of the militia members and prominent officials in attempt to serve the Iranian-sponsored agenda.

Last Modified: Tuesday، 16 April 2019 12:39 PM