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Yemen PM says Riyadh support vital for legitimate Yemeni gov't

Yemen PM says Riyadh support vital for legitimate Yemeni gov't

Attempts to end the coup and restore the state institutions in Yemen could not have been possible without the support of the Arab coalition for the legitimate Yemeni government, the country's prime minister said.


Speaking during a Yemeni house of representatives meeting, Maeen Abdulmalik Saeed said that the Arab coalition supports the battle to defeat the coup and restore the state's institutions in Yemen. He was talking during a discussion on a draft state fiscal budget for the current year, which continues its work for the second day in the city of Sioun in Hadramout, Arab News reported on Monday.


The Yemeni official said that the legitimate government has worked strongly to restore the role of state institutions and reconcile visions among the various national components and brings the views closer to and bridging the rift, to rebuild on solid national foundations that promote national alignment and popular cohesion and achieve the Yemenis' aspirations to restore their state and end the coup, the official Yemeni news agency reported.


The prime minister's financial statement includes policies and measures to be taken by the government in order to achieve its main objective, in partnership with the various state authorities, as well as all the political and social forces and the support from other countries, especially Saudi Arabia and the UAE.