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World aspires to see Nasrallah, Khamenei, Assad behind bars: Lebanese writer

Lebanese political writer and analyst Jerry Maher said on Saturday that the world aspires to see Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, and Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad in the same cage, waiting for their death penalty.

Maher added that Nasrallah, Khamenei and Al-Assad clearly refused classifying the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization, despite that it killed thousands of Arabs and Muslims.

"They are the enemies of Arabs and Muslims, as they caused major crises in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon and Bahrain, therefore, they must be held accountable to protect the security and future of our nation.

He further stressed that Hamas and Hezbollah are part of the IRGC, pointing out that Hamas cannot be considered a "resistance movement" while defending the Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah at the same time.

"This is the same Revolutionary Guard Corps that ordered the Houthis in Yemen to target Mecca and Riyadh with rockets, so how are they defending them?" Maher wondered.
Last Modified: Saturday، 13 April 2019 03:33 PM