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Measures taken to second Mosul ferry amid rising waters, distress call

Mosul ferry

Preventative measures have been taken to secure the second ferry in Mosul docked on the banks of the Tigris River in response to a distress call amid rising water levels, Mosul’s defense units said on Friday.

In a statement, Mosul’s Civil Defense Directorate said its teams had responded to a distress call to the Operations Division on the second ferry going out of control.

“Civil defense teams have recovered and secured the remaining one of two ferries on the banks of the island” amid “rising river levels,” the statement continued, adding that it was necessary because the ferry “poses a serious risk if it goes off course and runs towards the supports and pillars of the old bridge,” the statement said.

Last month, a ferry overloaded with about 250 people capsized in the middle of the river, leaving 100 people killed, while at least 60 people are still missing.

Last Modified: Saturday، 13 April 2019 03:06 PM