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Iraqi Communist Party rejects turning Basra to federal region

The Iraqi Communist Party on Tuesday expressed objection to a proposal to turn Basra governorate into a federal region.

Opponents of making Basra part of the federal system fear that some might later call for independence, as was the case in the Kurdistan region.

The Party Secretary Raed Fahmi said in a meeting that such step is unsuitable for the current stage, considering it a project "to create political chaos with the aim of dividing the country in the future."

Article 119 of the Iraqi Constitution stipulates that every province has the right to become a federal region either alone or together with other provinces, after following required procedures. A province can request being designated a federal entity after the approval of one-third of members of the governorate council and one-tenth of the area’s electorate.
Last Modified: Wednesday، 10 April 2019 01:19 AM