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Abu al-Hail resigns, accuses Iraqi Media Network's head of defaming him


Mujahid Abu al-Hail, a member of the Board of Trustees of the Iraqi Media Network and the former head of the network, submitted his resignation to the prime minister, accusing the new head and the board of working to ruin his reputation.


Abu al-Hail was dismissed from his post as the head of the network in February this year, over alleged fraud and other violations.

Hail said on Monday that he is targeted through an organized campaign targeting him on a daily basis by some of those affiliated with the new administration of the network.

He accused the new head and the board of trustees of trying to distort his reputation and defame him, by accusing him of fraud. He added that those officials are conspiring with some of the influential parliament members and other officials.

Hail, in his resignation, called on Prime Minister Adil Abd al-Mahdi to immediately reconstruct the new Board of Trustees in accordance with the law of the network.

"We promise that we do not run for membership of the board again, and that we do not deal with the public affair, in order to preserve the rest of our reputation and our positive energy, which was depleted by conspiracies and intrigues," Hail stated.

Last Modified: Tuesday، 09 April 2019 01:03 AM