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PUK says unified Kurdish front in Kirkuk provincial elections essential


The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) has urged a unified Kurdish front in the Kirkuk provincial elections.

In remarks, Arez Abdullah, a leading member of the PUK, said "we have no choice but to participate in the provincial elections, especially in Kirkuk, but we think that it is better for the Kurdish parties to take part [in the elections] as a unified Kurdish front to have a stronger presence.”

Meanwhile, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) said it would not participate in the vote, unless the situation is normalized in the province.

Khasro Goran, a KDP official, said "the KDP is ready to take part in the elections at any time, but the situation in Kirkuk is different and we cannot make any steps towards elections unless the situation is normalized.”

He went on saying that It is too early to decide on a unified Kurdish front in Kirkuk because there is a long time ahead of us.

Last Modified: Monday، 08 April 2019 02:40 PM