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IMIS smuggles oil from Kirkuk to Iran: Former MP


A former Iraqi lawmaker has accused the Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS) of adopting new ways to smuggle oil from Kirkuk to Iran through Basra city.

In remarks on Friday, former MP Shakhawan Abdullah indicated evidences and documents, which proved that IMIS smuggles oil from Kirkuk, ship it to Basra and then forward it to Iran.

Abdullah added that the Iraqi federal police, as well as certain politicians are involved along with IMIS in making holes to some pipelines in Kirkuk for stealing oil.


Meanwhile, head of the Arab tribes in the disputed areas, Mozahim Hwet, said the Shi'ite militias have continued to smuggle oil from Kirkuk, adding that they tax people in the region.

"Oil is smuggled in the province of Kirkuk and IMIS, who rule the area, are stealing Kirkuk oil," Hwet said.

Last Modified: Saturday، 06 April 2019 06:38 PM