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Top MP urges donor states to stop funding Iraq's 'thieves'

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Head of the parliament's legal committee Faeq al-Sheikh called on the international donors to Iraq to stop providing funds to the Iraqi government, describing its members as "thieves".

"As a [parliament member] on behalf of the Iraqi people, I address the donor countries (especially the Gulf countries): Do not hand over [even] a dinar, or a dirham or a riyal, to our government, because they will go to groups of thieves …," Sheikh wrote on his Twitter account.

He also urged these countries to supervise themselves on the establishment of schools, homes, hospitals and playgrounds.

Saudi Arabia announced earlier funding the construction of the $1-billion-worth sports city in Iraq, as well as open four consulates, officials said after the second session of a bilateral co-operation council on Wednesday night.

The announcement followed the arrival in Baghdad of a delegation led by Saudi Trade Minister Majid al-Qasabi for the second meeting of the Saudi-Iraqi Co-ordination Council.

It is not the first time that Iraqi officials warn against corrupt high-level individuals inside the Iraqi government.

Leader of the Sadrist Movement Muqtada al-Sadr said earlier in April that Mosul must be liberated from corruption.

“After the beloved Mosul got liberated from the hands of ISIS by the hands of heroes of the security forces, it became vulnerable to corruption, suffering from steal and corrupt trade deals even with terrorists and ISIS remnants,” Sadr posted on Twitter.

“This governorate requires a serious stand from Iraq’s wise people to drive away actors of corruption and injustice as soon as possible,” Sadr added

Also, former Minister of Water Resources Mohsen al-Shammari said that the total money stolen and wasted so far from the Iraqi people exceeds $1000 billion, revealing the extent of corruption in the country.

Over $200 billion were wasted from the annual budgets amid inflated unreal projects, Shammari said in a statement.

Shammari mentioned other fields where money was wasted, saying that there are $100 billion as a value for real estate inside and outside Iraq besides currency auction.

He added that there is over $100 billion wasted in ports, border crossings, tax evasion and oil smuggling, noting that the losses of the Iraqi economy come due to mismanagement, corruption, terrorism and disruption of the industry, agriculture, education and health, besides the collapse of infrastructure, costing the state over $500 billion.

Last Modified: Saturday، 06 April 2019 02:27 AM