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Iraqi National Congress lauds opening Saudi consulate in Baghdad

The Iraqi National Congress party welcomed the opening of the Saudi consulate in Baghdad, stressing the importance of Iraqi-Saudi cooperation in promoting stability in Iraq.

"We hope that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and all the countries of the region will have a positive role in promoting stability in Iraq and strengthening the efforts of reconstruction and security [achievement]," said Mohamed al-Musawi, a leader in the party.

The aspiration of a "strong" Iraq with "real sovereignty" requires all political forces to act in accordance with the value of the state, not the values of a "party, religion and sect," Musawi added.

Saudi Arabia opened a new consulate in Baghdad on Thursday after announcing  $1 billion in loans for development projects in Iraq.

Three more diplomatic branches are to be opened in other Iraqi cities soon, Saudi Arabia’s Commerce and Investment Minister Majid bin Abdullah Al-Qassabi said.
Last Modified: Thursday، 04 April 2019 10:40 PM