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Khamenei: Islamic revolution, system continue Prophet's 1st revelation

khamenei (3)

Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said people’s fighting against the aggression of the tyrants such as the US and the Zionist regime, is the true example of Jihad (striving) in the cause of Allah, according to the Iranian media.

The Leader’s remarks were during a meeting with a group of governmental officials and ambassadors of Islamic countries to Tehran on the occasion of Al-Mabath Al-Nabawi, the anniversary of the beginning of the mission of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Imam Khamenei highlighted the fact that today the Iranian Revolution and the Islamic system are the continuation of the First Revelation of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

The oppressor powers have always been in action against monotheistic movements, examples of them today being the presidents of US and some other countries, his eminence said.

Elaborating on Israeli regime’s aggression as vivid example of oppressors’ warmongering attitudes, he said the confrontation of Palestinians, Hezbollah with the Zionist regime and also Iran’s eight-year Sacred Defense are true examples of Jihad for God.

Meanwhile, Imam Khamenei stressed the need to give the supreme priority to reconstruction of flood-stricken areas.

Referring to recent floods in a number of Iranian provinces, he praised people’s attempts and their solidarity, saying the officials were able to take primary measures thanks to the popular support they received.


"There is still a lot more to be done to alleviate the pains of the flood-stricken," Khamenei told his audience, adding, "I have stressed to the authorities that the main task is reconstruction.… The damage must be compensated for."

A day earlier, Khamenei told top political and military officials that lessons must be learned from the devastating floods, saying, “The damage should have been predicted in advance and pre-emptive measure should have been taken.”


He added that the floods “should be seen as a lesson so that all different aspects will be taken into consideration in various future projects such as the construction of dams, roads and railways as well as urban development.”

Last Modified: Thursday، 04 April 2019 02:33 AM