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Allawi says Abd al-Mahdi 'last chance' to achieve country's ambitions

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Head of Al-Wataniya (National) Coalition Ayad Allawi described on Wednesday Prime Minister Adil Abd al-Mahdi as a "glimmer of hope" and the "last chance" to achieve what the country seeks.

In a speech he gave at the opening of the Erbil International Book Fair, Allawi affirmed that the whole region will not be able to achieve stability and peace unless Iraq achieves them.

Allawi called on the Iraqi government to work seriously to prioritize dialogue and national interest. He also affirmed that Iraq has played an essential role in bringing peace and stability in the world.

He warned that ISIS terrorist group is not over yet, as the takfiri thoughts still exist, and that the fertile land for terrorism is still provided.


Last Modified: Wednesday، 03 April 2019 11:55 PM