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Activist Mohamed Jassim arrested for criticizing pro-Iran gov't

Activist Mohamed Jassim arrested for criticizing pro-Iran gov't

Iraqi activist Mohamed Jassim was arrested late on Tuesday for criticizing the sub-governor of Habbaniyah province in a Facebook post.

A source has told the press that Jassim was taken from his home in Al-Khalidiya city in Anbar just hours after the post.

In his post, Jassim criticized sub-governor Ali Dawood for the poor services in province.


Jassim mocked Dawood as he invited him and his media office to visit Al-Shohadaa neighborhood in the province to be awarded for their “creativity and achievements,” however, he asked them not to wear shoes or pants under their thobes lest they slip or get wet from the mud and water in the streets.

The post also included photos of the streets near the medical facility, which contains an emergency room and a labor room.



Social media activists like Dr. Zeinab Al-Dulaimi criticized Jassim's arrest as she wrote on Facebook that she criticizes the sub-governor as well, demanding, and "daring," him to arrest her for her criticism.


Last Modified: Wednesday، 03 April 2019 03:36 PM