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PM to send ministerial candidates' names to parl't next week: MP


Binna'a Coalition MP Fadel al-Fatlawi said that Prime Minister Adil Abd al-Mahdi will submit a list of names of the candidates for the remaining four ministries to the parliament next week.

The political blocs have finished their negotiations concerning the selection of the candidates for the interior, defense, education and justice ministries, Fatlawi said in a press statement, adding that the names were sent to Abd al-Mahdi to pick the most suitable candidate for each ministry.

Abd al-Mahdi has been trying, since he took post in October, to finish the formation of his government.

On October 24, Abd al-Mahdi managed to get the parliamentary approval on 14 out of 22 ministries. However disagreement between political blocs especially on security ministries have thwarted Abd al-Mahdi's efforts to complete the cabinet in a short time.


Last Modified: Tuesday، 02 April 2019 09:31 PM