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Fake IMIS offices in Mosul targeted by Iraqi authorities

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The report of the fact-finding committee issued a few days ago confirmed the spread of armed militias in Mosul who claim to belong to the Iranian-backed IMIS.

The authorities are working on limiting the dominance of these factions in Mosul, according to the report.

Former Minister of Defense and Nineveh MP Khalid al-Obeidi earlier called on the dwellers of Mosul to report any alleged headquarters for these factions.

In February, IMIS in Iraq has moved to shutter offices which it has asserted they are fake. Some observers think that Iraq's movement to shutter the offices of the influencing militias in Iraq is the first step toward ending the Iranian influence in the country.

IMIS forces released a statement in February saying that its fighters had closed four offices pretending to belong to IMIS in the Karrada district of central Baghdad.

The statement also indicated that among the offices were two who claimed they belong to the IMIS's 40th Brigade and the headquarters of the so-called Abu al-Fadhl al-Abbas Brigade administered by Sheikh Aws al-Khafaji located in the center of Karrada.

The group noted that its security unit “tried to shut down the unauthorized office, but those who were present there stopped us from doing so, and disciplinary action had to be taken against them.”

Political parties' offices

Parliament's defense and security committee member Ahmed al-Asadi said that the campaign to close the fake IMIS offices will also target the headquarters of political parties, which possess unlicensed weapons in various Iraqi provinces including those liberated from ISIS.

Asadi underscored the necessity to close the fake IMIS offices, describing it as "a very important step." He also asserted that some IMIS elements have distorted the image of IMIS as they have extorted people of Baghdad.

The IMIS's 40th Brigade is accused of assaulting a Kurdish judge and his driver earlier in February.

40th Brigade

Militias of the 40th Brigade of IMIS assaulted Kurdish judge Samir al-Berwari, beat his car driver and disarmed his protection in Mosul's Tal Abtah, according to media reports

Berwari told Shafaaq News that he was stopped by one of checkpoints of IMIS's 40th Brigade, and one of the elements told him to change his way in order to be allowed to pass.

Berwari said that he refused to follow his order as the militias are not authorized to issue such order.

He said that his accomplices were then disarmed, and his driver was severely beaten.

Berwari said that he was hit in the head although one of the elements tried to defend him.

He said that he has filed a complaint to the Nineveh court of appeal against the assailants, adding that incident has affected him psychologically and that he had not experienced such incident for more than two decades.
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