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Halbousi's remarks regarding U.S. troops in Iraq do not represent Par'l: MP

MP Karim Elewy of the Iraqi Construction Coalition said latest remarks by Iraqi Parliament Speaker Mohamed Al-Halbousi regarding the presence of U.S. troops in Iraq do not represent the Parliament or the political blocs.

Elewy said in a press statement that Iraqi political coalitions are determined to take serious steps regarding the restoration of Iraq's sovereignty, including the extraction of all foreign troops in Iraq, including the U.S. troops.

He pointed out that Halbousi's remarks about U.S. troops are deemed a personal opinion that does not represent the stands of political coalitions.

Halbousi's said in earlier remarks that the existence of U.S. troops in Iraq is a guarantee for the country, pointing out that all draft laws that intended to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq were completely rejected.