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Iraq to lose around $20m if abolished visa with Iran

A committee to evaluate the Iraqi government performance and the general strategic planning has warned that a decision to abolish the visa system between Iraq and Iran would cost Iraq around $20 million of losses.

Member of the committee, Inaam Al-Khozaei said in a Monday press statement that such decision would negatively affect Iraq's non-oil revenues, as for example, Iraq's estimated value of annual goods imports reach about $50 billion, while revenues of customs in 2018 are estimated at $680 million, according to official figures, which means that the rate of customs duties on imported goods is around 0.013%.

She also pointed out that if there are any customs imposed on imported goods, they are unofficial and unregistered to pour into the pockets of "corruption whales," which is more than what the government itself receives.

The cancellation of visa requirements between Iraq and Iran has cost Iraq millions of dollars, it could have been a source of livelihood for many unemployed Iraqis.

This, according to Khozaei, would cost Iraq around $20 million worth of visa entries by Iranians in Iraq, who bring along all of their needs with them instead of buying from Iraqi local markets.