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Iraq sank in corruption long before Mosul ferry: Party head

Head of the Arab Choice party Abdulkarim Abtan
Head of the Arab Choice party Abdulkarim Abtan said Iraq has long sunk in financial and administrative corruption before the Mosul ferry accident.

Iraq has issued arrest warrants for officials in Nineveh in an effort to crack down on corruption in the northern province.

The list of names includes former governor Nawfal Al Agub who was dismissed by parliament on Sunday after nearly 100 people were killed when a ferry capsized in the Tigris River.

A lawmaker in Baghdad tweeted a copy of the warrant, outlining a court's claim that the Nineveh officials had misused their powers and committed financial violations.

Abtan also stressed the corrupted officials are much stronger than those who fight them, pointing out that administrative authorities must be held responsible for fighting corruption and punishing the corrupt.