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MP says Kuwait intends to damage Iraq through Khawr Abd Allah agreement

Alia Nassif, a parliamentarian from the State of Law Coalition, on Saturday held the former Iraqi government responsible for the Khawr Abd Allah that once was the point where the Euphrates and Tigris rivers emptied into the Arabian Gulf.

Nassif further said that due to this project, Iraq’s rights were wasted due to courtesies, pointing out that the agreement made Kuwait a partner in the only Iraqi estuary that leads to most of Iraq’s ports.

“This step is considered a breach in Iraqi sovereignty by granting Kuwait rights over a channel owned by Iraq since the twentieth century, in addition to harming the Iraqi economy,” Nassif said in a statement.

She also stressed that the aim by Kuwait was to inflict damages and losses to Iraq, because Kuwait does not have any maritime navigation through Khawr Abd Allah due to the distant locations of its ports.

She warned that according to the agreement, ships have to lower Iraq’s flags while entering Iraq, adding that activating the agreement would be considered a “treason to Iraq.”