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Kurdistan may choose president within 2 weeks: Khoshnaw

Head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) parliamentary bloc Omid Khoshnaw
Head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) parliamentary bloc Omid Khoshnaw said on Friday that Kurdish political powers will name the new president hopefully within two weeks, to be followed with a vote on the new constitution.

This comes only one day after lawmakers in Kurdistan's parliament introduced a bill on Thursday to reinstitute the suspended post of regional president.

Khoshnaw said that the parliamentary session on Saturday will see the first reading of the proposal to amend the law of the presidency of the region.

The KDP and other legislative allies submitted a bill to reactivate the post of the presidency, modify the method of electing a president, and ratify a regional constitution, Khoshnaw said on Thursday.
Last Modified: Saturday، 30 March 2019 12:00 AM