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No agreement reached with KDP, as PUK seeks more posts: source


No final political agreements was reached during the meeting between the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), on Wednesday, as the latter is seeking more posts in the future cabinet.

The meeting was held in hopes for reaching a final agreement on the formation of the next Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

A source attended the meeting said the delegates met to ask the PUK to accept the posts the KDP had previously assigned for them, but the PUK refused. However, PUK has so far refused to accept the offers and determined to put pressure on the KDP for more posts in the next government, according to the source.

The additional posts that the PUK has asked for, according to the source, are the ministers of interior, health, planning, and the head of the investment board.

The key posts allocated to PUK are parliamentary speaker, deputy prime minister, Peshmerga minister, and several others.

Last Modified: Thursday، 28 March 2019 04:43 PM