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Parliament rejects draft amendments to nationality law

iraq parliament

The Iraqi Parliament has rejected the draft amendments to the Nationality Law, news reports said.

In a statement on Wednesday, Security and Defence Committee Chairman Adnan Al-Asadi “the proposed amendments allow foreigners married to Iraqi women as well as unmarried foreigners who live in Iraq for only one year to apply for the Iraqi citizenship … These simple terms such as the length of stay and marriage to foreigners are rejected by most countries.”

Moreover, Asadi said the amendments also give the interior minister the powers to grant citizenship, which in most countries are held by the head of state, prime minister or the house of representatives.

In related news, Raad Al-Dahlaki, the committee’s interim chairman told the Anadolu Agency, “We reject these amendments, and the person who introduced them wanted to consolidate the interests of other countries and certain parties.”

He also added that “the Iraqi Nationality Law in force (No. 26 of 2006) is good and authentic, and grants citizenship to those who lived in Iraq for at least ten years in addition to other requirements that take into consideration international standards.”

The Parliament Committee of Labor and Social Affairs, Migration and Displaced Persons previously called to reject the proposed amendments and to hold those who contributed to introducing them accountable.

Last Modified: Thursday، 28 March 2019 02:18 PM