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Kurdish officials deny rumors on KRG budget cut

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Kurdish officials have denied rumors the Iraqi government will cut the Kurdistan Region’s national budget share, saying Baghdad will continue to distribute the salaries of public employees on time.

In remarks on Tuesday, Bashid Haddad, the deputy speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, said some lawmakers are trying to stir controversy regarding the payment of the KRG employees’ future salaries.

“I reassure the people of the Kurdistan Region that Iraq will continue to distribute their salaries every month just like other cities in Iraq,” Haddad said. “The Iraqi government has delivered the salaries of KRG employees to the Kurdistan Region for the past three months and will continue to do so,” he added.

Moreover, Fuad Hussein, the Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq and Minister of Finance, explained that the salaries of KRG employees are part of the 2019 budget law, and the Iraqi government has a responsibility to implement that law.

Some Kurdish lawmakers recently spread threats that Baghdad would cut the salaries of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) employees because the KRG has not handed part of its oil export to Iraq’s state oil marketing company – SOMO – based on an article in the country’s 2019 budget bill.

KRG, according to law, must hand over 250,000 barrels of oil per day to SOMO as well as pass local revenues to Iraq’s treasury. The Kurdish government has yet to implement the oil article.

However, the Iraqi government made no comments so far about a cut in the monthly salaries for KRG public servants.

Last Modified: Wednesday، 27 March 2019 02:23 PM