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Qatar's scandalous role in western media exposed in 'Blood Money' film

Calls to trial Qatar's Tamim over his support to terrorist groups

The American writer Michael Cernovich has recently releases a new film “Blood Money” that sheds the light on how the tiny Gulf Emirate of Qatar funds lobbyists, media outlets, think tanks to advance its agenda in Washington at the expense of the US and its allies.

The 23-minute film explains, through this case study, how the foreign influence game works inside the Beltway.

The film also highlights the emergence of a new, anti-Islamist Middle East and how it came about. It resorted to analysts of Middle East affairs, politicians and academics, who narrated true stories on how Qatar conquered the US and western powers’ media by oil money, to turn a blind eye to its terrorism and the sabotaging role it plays in the region, alongside its good ally “Iran”.