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Basra MP calls on Abd al-Mahdi to compensate locals affected by floods

Basra MP Faleh al-Khazali on Tuesday called on Prime Minister Adil Abd al-Mahdi to compensate those affected by floods, from the country's emergency budget, to contain the crisis.

As Basra is suffering high levels of water, which already flooded some villages and is threatening others, Basra MPs call on Abd al-Mahdi to direct the concerned ministries to support the province, said Khazali in a press conference attended by parliament members of the province.

Khazali demanded the formation of a committee to compensate those affected by the floods.

Torrential rains in multiple areas of Iraq and Kurdistan on Monday continued into early next day, causing a sharp rise in water levels in rivers, lakes, and tributaries in various parts of the country.

The floods damaged infrastructure, homes. It also caused casualties in some places.
Last Modified: Tuesday، 26 March 2019 09:35 PM