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Ban on Baath party comes into effect: IHEC


Iraq's Independent High Electoral Commission announced on Sunday putting the ban on the Baath party into effect.

Riyad al-Badran, member of the board of commissioners of the IHEC said that the commission began to implement the articles of the law, calling on those concerned to speak to the department of the political parties and organizations to register a complaint against any activity related to the articles of the law.

The parliament passed Law No. 32 of 2016 to prohibit the Baath Party besides racist, terrorist and takfiri entities, parties and activities.


The Ba'ath party is an Arab nationalist party that has dominated politics in Iraq and Syria for decades.


The Baath party seized power both in Iraq and Syria in 1963. In Iraq the Baath party was disbanded in 2003 with the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, while in Syria it survives through the Assad regime. With the mass dissent occurring in Syria, its a major indicator of the decline of the Baath Party.

Last Modified: Sunday، 24 March 2019 10:29 PM