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Syrian diplomat says Masrour Barzani not on list of terrorism supporters

Masrour Barzani

A senior Syrian diplomat has expressed rejection against a report that accused his government of designating the Kurdistan Region Security Council (KRSC) Chancellor Masrour Barzani as a supporter of terrorism.

In remarks on Friday in Erbil while observing the Kurdish new year Newroz, the Syrian Ambassador to Iraq Sattam al-Dandeh said no individual names were included on the list of terrorism supporters.

In late December, the pro-Syrian Al Akhbar outlet, claimed to have obtained a list of "Financial Supporters of Terrorism" and that Barzani, along with other notable regional figures, was among the names. The initial reporting came from the state-run SANA but did not include any names.

"The report was not issued… by the Syrian government," Dandeh added.

In related context, the Kurdistan Region Security Council said on its official Facebook page at the time that it was "ironic that a chauvinist, repressive, and hostile regime who is against the Kurds and has supported terrorists to ensure they remain in power is now talking about terrorism."

Moreover, the Syrian diplomat also said that Damascus was considering opening a consulate in Erbil "but not for the time being," stressing that his country's intentions to do so were serious.

Last Modified: Sunday، 24 March 2019 02:49 PM