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Iraqi-Iranian cooperation threatens GCC, Saudi borders: Habtoor


UAE businessman Khalaf al-Habtoor warned of continuous cooperation between Iraq and Iran, and the growing Iranian influence in Iraq, in a video he posted on Twitter on Monday.

Habtoor said that the current cooperation between the two countries and the Iranian presence in this way are "frightening," adding that this situation represents a threat to the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Saudi borders.

He urged the GCC to support Iraq and not to neglect it as in the case of Yemen.

Habtoor called on Iraq's Sunni and Shiite citizens to cooperate, saying that they represent a significant force. He added that the Iraqi people lost their money and oil because of those who collaborated with Iran.


أود أن أتابع عن موضوع #العراق والخطر من تعاونه مع #إيران. يجب عدم إهمال هذا الخطر على حدودنا. على الشعب العراقي الأصيل من الشيعة والسنّة العرب الأصليين أن يتعاضدوا وعلينا ان ندعمهم لاستعادة بلدهم من الحكم الإيراني الإرهابي ويعودوا إلى الكنف العربي ويعيشوا بازدهار من جديد.


Last Modified: Monday، 18 March 2019 11:17 PM