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Iraqis to hold conference in US to rid country of Iranian influence

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Iraqis in the United States announced holding a conference named "united to save Iraq" on March 29 in Washington, DC, to save Iraq from the danger Iran poses, including Tehran-backed agents and armed militias in Iraq.

In an interview with The Baghdad Post, Hassan al-Jameeli, one of the organizers of the conference, said that the goal is to unite the Iraqi people, end the Iranian incursion inside the Iraqi state and, and restore Iraq's place as part of the Arab countries.

Omar al-Hadithi, another organizer, said that the Iraqi people will understand the message and will work to unite all the Iraqi national forces and patriots.

Moreover, Hussein al-Janabi, an Iraqi official, who is also a member of Amnesty International, told the Baghdad Post that the conference aims to liberate Iraq from Iranian agents, and to rid the people of Iraq of the Iran-backed militias.

He said that the conference also aims to support the return of Iraqi competent citizens who have left Iraq for different areas around the world, in order for them to help building the country and serve their people. He also affirmed the need to rely on technocrats in a real sense.

The Baghdad Post received a copy of the statement of the conference's preparatory committee, including the objectives of the conference:

From Washington, D.C., in the United States of America, and from your brothers and children in the preparatory committee for the conference of the Iraqi national forces, under the title: "United to Save Iraq."

We announce to you a summary of the objectives of the Conference:

First: Gathering and unifying the Iraqi national forces and all the Iraqi patriots, who believe in belonging to their country, regardless their sects, orientations and parties.

Second: To work on liberating Iraq and saving it from the Iranian incursion in all political, economic and military fields of Iraq which aims to destroy the country and enslave its people. The conference also tackles the expulsion of the traitors and agents loyal to the Iranian regime.

Third: Working to amend the Constitution to suit the situation of the country, maintain the unity of Iraqi people and preserve their rights.

Fourth: To build relations with world states, in a way that serves Iraq and its common interests with the countries that support the Iraqi national forces, to achieve its just and worthy goals. These states should also cooperate with Iraq to rebuild its state institutions on right basis.

Fifth: Supporting factors that would lead to the return of the Iraqi competent citizens abroad to serve their country and people.


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