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Rizgar Ali is suitable candidate for Kirkuk's governance: PUK official

rizgar ali
Idris Haji Adil, deputy head of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) party in Kirkuk, said on Friday that all conditions set by the PUK for the post of Kirkuk governor are applicable on Rizgar Ali.

He added that Rizgar Ali has served as the head of Kirkuk's council for ten years, and widely accepted by the components of the province.

Adil said in a press statement that the PUK determined set of conditions stipulating that the candidate for the post should be from Kirkuk, to be acceptable and to have relations with all components of the province including Arabs, Turkmen and Christians.

Movements of influential militias inside Kirkuk have been spotted, while faced with Kurdish-Kurdish movements and dialogues with Baghdad in order to resolve the issue of the post of Kirkuk governor.

The Turkmen component in the province announced Ali's adherence to the post, which the Kurds have considered to be a violation for their right to get the post. However, observers believe that Iran's militias want the post to control the entire province.

Sources expressed their concerns about a probable deal that may be signed, at the expense of the province, adding that it may aggravate the situation, as all components of Kirkuk will not accept any agreements that ignore their rights.
Last Modified: Saturday، 16 March 2019 01:46 AM